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Case Study

Preparing a quasi-public utility for rapid growth


Photo: First-line and senior managers gain knowledge and leadership skills.
First-line and senior managers gain knowledge and leadership skills.

Preparing for a ten-fold growth, a Virginia utility faced challenges typical of rapid expansion: new supervisors needing guidance, evolving company culture, and uneven leadership skills across the board. There were also deficiencies in time management and delegation abilities. Addressing these pressing issues was vital, necessitating a partnership with a training and consulting firm to foster improved leadership and self-management skills.


Profile Partners responded with a targeted training strategy tailored to different leadership levels within the organization.

For the C-Suite executives, we developed workshops to:

  • Enhance understanding of their critical role in the organization
  • Foster greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Address unique challenges faced at the top executive level
  • Encourage the application of learnings through interactive exercises and case studies

For the new supervisors, we organized a two-day training program to:

  • Assist in the transition to supervisory roles
  • Guide in building productive relationships with team members and superiors
  • Develop an encouraging and motivational work environment
  • Explore strategies for assembling high-performing teams

Our goal was to offer actionable insights and tools for immediate application in their respective roles, improving leadership effectiveness across the organization.


Post-training, the C-Suite executives reported being better equipped to balance leadership and management responsibilities, fostering a more resilient and emotionally intelligent leadership environment. New managers received the support necessary to transition smoothly from team members to leaders, gaining enhanced skills in communication and conflict resolution.
The training initiative set the stage for a culture of increased self-awareness and inclusivity. It laid a foundation promising a future of confident and competent leaders at all levels, guiding the organization towards significant growth and a new benchmark in organizational excellence.

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