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We build marketing communications programs that engage your most important stakeholders

Marketing & Communications

Leaders of government and nonprofit agencies are under increasing pressure to produce more results with fewer resources. There is less tolerance on the part of Congress and the public for government inefficiency, stove-piping, and duplication of capabilities. At the same time, government agencies are responding by building coalitions, including creating partnerships to address large-scale challenges. This environment spotlights the increased importance of a well-structured marketing communications program that delivers appropriate messages to your various stakeholder groups. Profile Partners will help you plan and implement a marketing communications program that identifies new growth opportunities, deeps customer relationships, creates a compelling narrative, and improves your success in the marketplace.


  • Brand development
  • Public outreach & involvement
  • Strategic communication
  • Strategy and planning
  • Social media consulting and management
  • Legislative affairs
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Critical and crisis communications
  • Event planning & management
  • Creative services in print and electronic media
  • Crisis communications preparedness and planning
  • Science and health communication
  • Media training and coaching
  • Media relations
  • Customer relationship management
  • Issue advertising


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