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L.E.A.R.N. to handle customer complaints

Customers do you an enormous favor when they take the time to complain about your product or service. Most people simply stop engaging you or buying from you and you never know why. Chances are good that there is a problem in your service delivery process that you need to address — such as communication, subcontractor behavior, quality concerns, or just mismatched expectations. Next time you get a customer complaint, use the L.E.A.R.N. formula to resolve it and you’ll have a customer for life:

  1. Listen—Close your mouth and listen. Do not interrupt. Let them blow off steam.
  2. Empathize—Put yourself in their shoes. Then let them know that you understand their feelings.
  3. Ask—Ask them what they would like done.
  4. Reassure—Reassure them that you will do what you can to resolve the problem.
  5. Never forget to follow‐up—Pick a specific date for resolution or when you will respond, and stick to it.


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