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Culture Change is slowwww

An Army laboratory experienced a series of accidents resulting in employee injury and equipment malfunction. After investigating, leaders realized that employees were sacrificing safety to be more productive. In this environment, employees cut corners and ignored safety rules of the…

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Surveys: A underappreciated tool for development

We are fans of surveys and questionnaires around here. When constructed and applied correctly, they provide valuable data and insight and with only a light burden being placed on the survey-takers. Surveys and questionnaires are a frequent, and important, part…

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The Power of Questions

In a podcast I recently listened to on appreciative inquiry (which is a technique we employ in facilitating strategy sessions with our clients), David Cooperrider used the term “The Art of the Question” to describe the essence of appreciative inquiry. The questions…

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Avoiding Burnout as a Consultant

Avoiding Burnout as a Consultant As consultants serving an array of customers -- all who have hired us to solve pressing problems -- it is not unusual to experience burnout. This manifests in a variety of ways: procrastination, avoidance, negativity,…

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Follow your heart

Follow Your Heart A famous trapeze artist was instructing his students how to perform on the high trapeze bar. Finally, having given full explanations and instruction in this skill, he told them to demonstrate their ability. One student, looking up…

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Do White Papers Work?

Do White Papers Work? Do White Papers still work as a direct response offer? Yes, says Nick Copley, Vice President of Bitpipe. “The big [magazine] publishers are scaling back the amount of editorial space they have to offer,” he explains.…

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