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The Readability Factor

I've had to let subscriptions to two beloved magazines (The New Yorker and the Economist) lapse for the simple reason that reading them hurts my…

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Culture Change is slowwww

An Army laboratory experienced a series of accidents resulting in employee injury and equipment malfunction. After investigating, leaders realized that employees were sacrificing safety to…

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The Power of Questions

In a podcast I recently listened to on appreciative inquiry (which is a technique we employ in facilitating strategy sessions with our clients), David Cooperrider used the…

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Follow your heart

A famous trapeze artist was instructing his students how to perform on the high trapeze bar. Finally, having given full explanations and instruction in this skill,…

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Do White Papers Work?

Do White Papers still work as a direct response offer? Yes, says Nick Copley, Vice President of Bitpipe. “The big [magazine] publishers are scaling back the amount…

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