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For most organizations, “development” means raising revenue. And whether your organization is private, public, or non-profit, revenue is key to your long-term success and the critical factor to your ability to reach your goals. Certainly, fundraising is a central activity in development initiatives. Profile Partners actually sees development as a three-legged stool with fundraising, marketing, and strategic partnerships as those legs. Each leg is important to keeping the stool balanced. With targeted marketing, your fundraising efforts will seem more effortless. Similarly, with strategic partnerships, your marketing efforts can be partly carried by other organizations. Profile offers business development, fundraising, and revenue counsel for organizations looking to take the next step. We are not fundraisers, but we support leaders become the best possible advocates for their organizations. We offer grants research, grant proposal development, outreach support, materials development, campaign design and execution, donor list development, solicitation script writing, donor database creation, and much more. We have successfully helped organizations raise millions of dollars.

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