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Diagnostics are incredibly useful to leaders who are launching a change initiative. Analytical tools at both the organizational and individual levels can greatly help managers pinpoint areas of success and improvement. Profile Partners offers a range of industry-leading diagnostic tools, including Prismatics®, Emergenetics®, DiSC®, Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Insight® products, and custom tools developed for specific client requirements. At the organizational level, Profile Partners applies numerous models and tools grounded in open systems theory and industry practices.

For instance, one client uses data to “clone” its most effective employees by measuring the traits of those excelling in a particular job and then looking to recruit people with similar traits. Another client used diagnostics to help identify communication gaps in a safety program.

A new insight can often lead to significant savings or expanded revenue for organizations. Profile Partners’ diagnostics can provide this insight, leading to a meaningful return on investment for its clients.

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