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Strategy & Planning

As George Harrison sang, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there.” And that approach to leadership satisfies some. For our clients however, for those who have aspirations for a bigger or better organization, putting a roadmap in place is a crucial step to realizing their vision. Profile Partners works with leaders of organizations ranging from large $500 million agencies to small start-up non-profits to articulate their vision for the future and create coherent roadmaps for growth and change.

Profile Partners has worked with numerous strategic planning modalities – e.g. Balanced Scorecard, scenario-based, benchmark, conventional – but we don’t subscribe to just one way of doing things. We get to know our client’s organization, review plans already in place, assess the organization’s tolerance for strategic planning and related time constraints, and then recommend a strategic planning framework that will create the change that leaders want.

Profile Partners also brings to the table a network of research organizations, including universities, to provide the external market data and economic forecasting that our clients require

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